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Sweep generation using ADF5355

Question asked by MKR on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by MRichardson


         I am planning to generate a sweep signal 12.5-13GHz using ADF5355 chip. The external reference of the synthesizer is  fed by a sweep 125-130MHz generated by AD9910 DDS. This will be divided by 10 and given to PFD(12.5-13MHZ).The VCO output i am expecting  a sweep of 12.5-13GHz with 500MHz BW. The problem I am facing is Sweep signal output is getting but the start freq and stop freq are not matching with requirement(ie. i am getting BW always less than 500MHz).I am using evaluation boards of two chips and the default loop BW for ADF5355 is 5KHz ,this i have not changed.Can any body help me to solve this issue. 

Is this a correct method to generate 500MHZ signal using ADF5355?