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ADV7180 Comb on/off

Question asked by AkiraO on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on May 20, 2018 by AkiraO

Hello All,


Our customer has a trouble about comb filter of ADV7180. When the customer chenged comb on to come off, the picture shift right side around two dots. This issue occued only NTSC. Do you have any idea about a couse of this issue?


The setting of comb off;

  Address    Setting

  ・0x0038 ,  0xA4
 ・0x0039 ,   0xE4
 ・0x0018 ,   0x93
 ・0x004D ,   0x00
 ・0x002C ,   0x8C


The setting of comb on;

 ・0x0038 , 0x80
 ・0x0039 , 0xC0
 ・0x0018 , 0x93
 ・0x0017 , 0x41
 ・0x004D , 0x00
 ・0x002C , 0x8C


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