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AC switch w 3Vdc control signal, are there such componant or circuit?

Question asked by on Oct 29, 2011
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I'm looking analog ac switch that controled only w 3Vdc signal

- the ac switch can pass (the control signal is around 500mVdc) around 5W power (20Vac pp) w minimal Rdson (up to 200mOhm)@ 500KHz

- the ac switch can block (using the 3Vdc control signal) 25Vac pp (50mA) @ around 10MHz (as if it was 10Kohm resistor)


Does such element or configurtation exsits and if not what can i do?

I though about:

- antiseriel Fets but i'm not sure the cap @ 10Mhz won't short the Fet and not do the blocking

- relay i'm not sure its not expansive and if it is possible to find some low profile relay

- Opto Mos , i'm not sure it can pass power

- maybe some linear element that i could have samples for my project & test it

- trieac i'm same as relay


attached conceptual circuit the 50Ohm has no meaning just the switch concept


Pls i would be glad if someone could advice me