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Initialising HDMI and CVBS both on ADV7842

Question asked by PriyankaM on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by NaveenReddy
@In our video encoder project we are using  ADV7842 for capturing CVBS and HDMI input.
I am looking for support on ADV7842 , CVBS and HDMI input detection and control using PIC18F45K20.
Earlier we were working on encoder which takes HDMI input through ADV7604 chip,we are giving the input to ADVchip from the set top box.
here is the diagram of the scenario:
Inline image 3
we were able to control ADV7604 using Microchip PIC18F45K20 using HDMI Library(LINK).from microchip we send InitHDMI(){function is defined in hdmi_control.c line 72} to initialize HDMI input and InitCp(){function is defined in hdmi_control.c line 105 } to initialize component input.this is all done through I2C bus between microchip and ADV chip. 
Now have switched to ADV7842 and would like to initialize both the HDMI inputs and composite I want to know what functions in ADV7842's HDMI library(link) should be used for the same.
Here is the diagram of the new scenario
Inline image 2