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AD9364: Switch failure over 100MHz

Question asked by OrientalSpring on Sep 14, 2017
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HI guys,

I'm using AD9364 operating on 5.5GHz~5.8GHz. I have a function that requires switching frequency from time to time during system running. When switching over 100MHz, AD9364 goes through "tx_quad_calibration" and makes my system crash, resulting in REG0x247 REG0x287 read value 0x0(normally 0x2). 



①The 100MHz difference is compared to the initial frequency. From exaple, I initialize the system on 5.6GHz, switched to 5.65GHz and it's fine. Then switched to 5.71GHz and the problem emerges. 

②In <ad9364.c> I changed phy->cal_threshold_freq = 100MHz to 350MHz to cover my 5.5 ~ 5.8G band. It avoids ad9361_tx_quad_calib and runs fine. But Im afraid maybe there's potential threat or damage in this.

③Sorry if someone has asked this. I checked some tx_quad posts but no one had the exact same appearance.  


Can u shed some light on my problem plz?