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AD9162-FMC and ADS7-V2: Signed vs. Unsigned data vectors in DPGdownloader?

Question asked by Phaugen on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by danf

Hello everyone,

Say, we are just coming up to speed on our AD9162 and ADS7-V2 eval boards and had a quick question. So far we have been able to successfully generate the described two's compliment data vectors for the ADS7/AD9162 and play them back using the eval boards and tools as we would expect. However, when loading the data files into DPGdownloader we noticed that it asks if your data vector is signed or unsigned. The AD916x eval board user guide clearly states that you need to pick "Signed data" as the AD916x only accepts 2's compliment data, which makes sense. However, I have noticed that the data vectors seem to play back the same regardless if you select "signed" or "unsigned" data when loading your vector into DPGdownloader and subsequently downloading it to the ADS7.


Does that make sense? I would have expected some error or change in the AD9162's output if one made the wrong sign selection when loading the vectors in there. Anyhow, we are just learning the ins and outs of the eval tools while making sure we understand all the AD9162's capabilities and that one seemed a little strange to me. Has anyone else noticed that?


Thanks for any insights you can offer and sorry if the question has a obvious answer that we missed somewhere.