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Resize image by BF609

Question asked by gdd_man on Sep 13, 2017

At this time I try make small program on my BF609, video processing.
And have problem with simple part "resize image".


At first I want use PVP, but it dont work with color image, right?


Realy, I cant understand can I do it with some your library.
I found "Image Processing Toolbox", "Blackfin 2D Graphics Library", "Spatial
Transform and Lens Distortion Correction".

But inside I dont found any simple function "resize":


At first lib have some like cvResize(), but if i right understud, it's only header file and if I want use it I have to port openCV library.

At last library I found Affine Transform, I think I can try use it, but its not uneversal way.


But I dont belive, "resize image" its popular operation, I think have more simple way.


Can you give me some advice to resize image?


PS: I work in CCES on ADSP-BF609 EZ-Board