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How I control the over voltage using LTC4244 ?

Question asked by tendulkar.selvam on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2017 by Sal.Afzal


 Iam using LTC4244IGN#PBF (ICS CTRLR HOTSWAP PCI BUS 20SSOP) in my design.


        I am using +3.3V,+5V voltages from cPCI backplane. I am using +12V,-12V as supply voltage for LTC4244 which has been take from cPCI back plane.


        In that i have some queries.


        1) How I control the over voltage using LTC4244 ? Is there any over voltage protection in LTC4244 - Hot swap controller?
                    i.e if my input voltage from back plane exceeds more than 3.5V (in 3.3V supply) or
                    if my input voltage exceeds more than 5.5V (in 5V supply) will LTC4244 allow ??


        2) Is precharge voltage is available for only at the time of cPCI board insertion and extraction?
       Is prechagre voltage will available when board is powered on and Is it won't turned off until the cPCI module removed    from cPCI slot??


        3) Is 1V is sufficient for pull up voltage for PCI bus(Note : I have used 3.3V IO bus) ?? shall I have to provide additional pull resistor for OFF/ON#,PWRGD#,FAULT# with LONG(VIO) voltage?


        4) What if, zero resistor is used at Rsence resistor ?
           What if i have n't use any Rsence resistor ?



Tendulkar S