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AD7734 : Conversion not done

Question asked by pratik_14 on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by JellenieR

Hello All,

Currently i am using AD7734 in one of my project. i have setup circuit as per datasheet.

I have started the IC correctly as i got 0x22 in the revision command.

then i successfully entered all the commands to select channel 0 for single conversion mode.

I succeed in writing all the register for setting channel 0, but i tried to read the channel data register it always shows 0x8000, which is the default value.

It means that conversion doesn't happened at all and data register is not updated.

I checked all the channels data register but the answer is same i.e 0x8000.

Then i checked RDY pin, which is not going LOW at all, throughout the procedure.

Kindly suggest me correct sequence of commands.


My commands are as follows :









some delay

(0x48);   // to read the channel-0 data register


Thanks in advance