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Properly Allocating Memory for Large Delay Lines in C

Question asked by epalaima on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by epalaima

Hi, I am working on a project written in C using the ADSP-21489. I using CCES version 2.6.0. In my project I am creating a DSP effect which requires the use of several large delay lines (total of 2 seconds of delay memory at a 48000 kHz sample rate, which adds up to a total of 96000 floats for a total size of 384000 bytes). The product overview for the ADSP-21489 says that it has 5 Mbits of on-chip RAM, for a total of 625000 bytes of storage, so clearly a delay line of this size is possible. However when I try to declare 48000 bytes worth of delay storage I get an error saying that the compiler cannot make room for the variables I have declared (I have tested this with one large array as well as with several smaller arrays). 


How do I properly partition memory in a C project to make room for the delay memory I require?