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ADM1278 using Back to Back MOS architecture

Question asked by henry-tang on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by Marcus

Hi ADI Experter,


I have one server architecture question for using two boards to supply 12V output voltage, please check picture as below


Normal 12V Case (Single Board to supply Output side) : The output 12V voltage turns down with MOSFET turn off, it's general case.



Customer 12V Case (Two power boards to supply output side both are ON) : It's seems ok when both power board are ON.



Customer 12V Case (Two power boards to supply output side one is ON and the other is OFF) :



For this case, due to MOSFET's source pin voltage(12V) is higher than Drain pin (0V), so customer has concern whether it may have leakage from MOSFET's diode.

And customer would like to use back to back architecture to prevent leakage issue, I'm not familiar with this architecture so can you please kindly share your comment about this architecture? Is ADI's ADM1278 suitable for this architecture ?


Thanks very much!