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ADP5062 and a flat battery, no start of charging

Question asked by cgroen on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2017 by Leo_Liu

We have a design with the ADP5062. Most is working pretty well, I can control charging currents, termination voltage etc. However, If I take a total flat battery (LiIon, 1000 mA/H, internal protection circuit) the charger will never get going. It stays in "Battery detection" mode "forever". If I inject a small voltage of 3.5V in parallel with the battey terminals, the charge starts as it should. Below is a screenshot from the scope showing the battery terminals

(Register 0x0C has value 0x01 ("no battery")




This just repeats forever each 690 mS.



Any pointers to where I have done something wrong ?