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ADAU1701 Auxiliary ADC for battery monitoring not working help me

Question asked by ariesprg on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by piero

Hi team , i am using ADAU1701 sigma DSP for medical device . The DSP functions are OK . I configured MP2 as aux ADC to monitor battery voltage . This alone not working i made the ADC configuration as invert also but it is not working at all . My config is very simple i voltage divide the main rail voltage of 3.8V from battery and feed to MP2 pin ., when the voltage goes below 1.65 Volts i am making the MP1 GPIO as HIGH MP0 as LOW . It is not seems to be working . Not sure i am making any silly mistake or big mistake . Kindly advice . 


attached schma and config reg setting with sigma diagram screen shot . 


Thanks in advance 


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