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AD8313 evaluation board

Question asked by on Sep 11, 2017
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I am using AD8313 evaluation board having (AD8313 and OPAMP AD8009) 

My questions are:

1.  The frequency range for AD8313 is 0.1 GHz to 2.5 GHz and AD8009 1 GHZ as per datasheet.

Then how the Evaluation board will run more than 1 GHz frequency?

2. I have given two tone input signal at INHI, VPS2=+5V, VPS1=+4V, GND=VNEG=ground.

I have to operate it into LOG (RSSI) mode so I did not make any changes on the evaluation board, because I believe it is configured  by AD in this mode.

There is confusion regarding switch position, The given link have image of board 

Which is position A and B (Near VNEG is it A or B) ?

3. For two tone test signal configuration given in 2  is used, and I have tested the voltage across R5 which is summarized as follows:

I/P power (dBm)      Voltage (V)

-65                                 0.69

-50                                 0.80

-35                                 0.95

-15                                 1.42

-10                                 1.52

-5                                   1.62


Is the above range is right or wrong?

I have to take this output and give to a DAC but the DAC i/p voltage is 512 mv peak to peak.

To interface with DAC I require conditioning circuit so that voltage vary between 0 to 512 mV.

If you have idea of conditioning circuit then please let me know.



Thanks a lot..