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[ADV7180] How to detect "No signal" and improvement for grey-scale pattern.

Question asked by Tamu on Sep 11, 2017
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I have two questions of ADV7180.


Question 1:
Is there a register which indicates presence or absence of AIN input signal?
I don't mean this is LOCK or UNLOCK.
Please see a datasheet of AK8859 as follows:

In "[7.32.1.] Input signal indicator" of the datasheet,
there is "NOSIG" register which indicates presence or absence of signal.
Of course, AK8859 also has a register which indicates LOCK or UNLOCK.

My customer had used AK8859 and he tries to use ADV7180 instead of AK8859 at this time.
In his system, there are the status of "LOCK", "presence of signal but UNLOCK" and "absence of signal(UNLOCK)".
The purposes are for the fail-safe function and memorizing error log in his system.


Question 2:
The customer has been evaluating ADV7180 EVAL board.
He uses "CVBS AUTODETECT" script.
When the 16 steps or 64 steps of grey-scale pattern is inputted to the ADV7180, he can not see some edges of them clearly and he can see like one area which are two area having different Luma.
Could you tell me which registers are for improving this?


Thank you!
Best regards.