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Doubts on audio codec(ADAU1772BCPZ) & SigmaStudio tool ?

Question asked by Karthikas on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by Ken.M

We are using one of the analog device in our application(audio codec ADAU1772BCPZ) interfaced with MCU through I2C. I need some roadmap to start with this device. I need to clarify fallowing regarding this codec IC.


>> Do you provide any basic samples C code to start with.

>> And Can I program this codec by using SigmaStudio , If so what are hardware required. Main thing here I am mentioning I am not using any DSP processor, instead I am using ARM C7 MCU. Is sigmaStudio can generate some general C code.

>> Also tell me what is output from SigmaStudio PC based tool, Weather it gives C sample code or binary generated code.

>> Can anyone provide me  detailed program reference manual.


If one of your technical person spare some time to clear my doubts it would be appreciated lot.


Thank you.,