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RCF frequency response of ADuCM350

Question asked by Jiwon.Lee on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by mark.ramos


I'm testing the excitation signal output of EVAL-ADUCM350EBZ, Rev.B

With impedanceMeasurement_2wire.c source.

I got the amplitude of sine wave is decreased when increasing the excitation signal frequency.

For example, Vpp measured at AFE8.

1kHz excitation => 655.6mVpp

10kHz excitation => 644.3mVpp

20kHz excitation => 591.6mVpp

30kHz excitation => 557.4mVpp


It looks RCF causes amplitude drop based on it's frequency response charateristics.


Can I get the graph which contains pass band gain vs frequency.

I want to compare these measurement are right or not.