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One quartz and one eeprom for two adau1701.

Question asked by piero on Sep 10, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by piero

Hello everyone.
I would need to use 2 ADAU1701 in the same project.
The first use a sample rate at 96Khz the second at 48Khz.

2 questions:
1) you can derive the clock for the second ADAU from the first ADAU so you
only use a quartz, this belief is possible.
If so how?

2) you can link the 2 hex files and write them on the same eeprom, so that
the second ADAU performs but starting from a precise address when the first
ADAU has finished loading the data for its program into its memory.

The process should be as follows:
Feeding the circuit the first ADAU during the process of uploading its data
blocks the second ADAU "think" when it uploaded its data unlocks the second
ADAU which will have to do but starting from a specific address and not from 0
If so how?


Lastly, the available space for the hardware is very limited, can you use the
two ADAUs as visible in the attached image by connecting the two ADAU pins in