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Connecting to EVAL-ADAR7251 via SDP-B

Question asked by jhester on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by jhester

Hi everyone,


I know that this might be quite basic, but I am having trouble simply connecting to an EVAL-ADAR7251 via an SDP-B. 


Whether I am using the "SDP panel" or the "SDP Labview Interface", I get the same "Hardware Select" window telling me that:

"An SDP system was found, but the daughterboard was not detected. Check the daughterboard is attached to a compatible SDP, reset SDP if attaching daughterboard, or Cancel to abort.

Your SDP board may be in the process of booting."


I have tried reset the SDP, to no avail. 


I will just add that I am able to connect to an EVAL-RADAR-MMIC through its software and in the "SDP Labview Interface". I do, however, get the same issue as with the EVAL-ADAR7251 in the "SDP panel".


Any help would be greatly appreciated.