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ADAU1361 SPI mode

Question asked by NTN on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by NTN

I have been trying to control ADAU1361 via SPI bus. I found a similar question in this forum, but it didn't help me.

The device seems not to be in SPI mode. I expect at least the serial clock at the output of ADC, but nothing is there.

I pull CLATCH three times before sending a register address. The 8 bits clock and data (all 0) are along with CLATCH. 

Please see two plots below.

One of three CLATCH pull



1.  Does all zero data matter? 

2. I think the timing is OK

3. Next two plots are the data of R0 and R1. anything wrong (format-wise)?

If I use Sigma Studio and SMT-5, the device is programmed correctly.



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