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Internal Tx LO Leakage and Tx QEC Initial Calibrations test signals

Question asked by Chris449 on Sep 8, 2017
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Using the AD9375 eval board (ADRV9375-N/PCBZ) and TES with the Tx QEC box checked, I killed a PA. After reading your user guide (UG992 page 89), I realized that I was doing a mistake, PA must be switched off.


Knowing that the current of the PA power supply was limited to 1A (PA cons. with LTE20MHz 10dB PAR is around 0.9A) , I would like to better undersand the killing process.


Please, could you add some description of the process of the Tx QEC Initial Calibration. I would like to know the sequence and signal types so I can improve the PA protection in case someone does my mistake.


Thank you for your support.