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ADV7627's RESET_B and I2C

Question asked by allegrocantabile on Sep 8, 2017
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I have two quick questions regarding ADV7627


  1. Would it cause any issue if the ADV7627's RESET_B pin are held "low" for extended time?
    • I am trying to implement a power down state for ADV7627 on my board.  Since there is no PDN_B pin, I was wondering if asserting RESET_B would accomplish this.  
  2. Can ADV7627 work without any setup from external microcontroller?
    • Looking at the design resource, it seems that the answer is "no".  I'd like to make sure.
    • ADV7627 is used for a daughter board that connects to a microcontroller main board.  I wanted to see if a "self test mode" without a microcontroller was possible.


Thank you for your help.