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ADV7619 support for 2K image resolution

Question asked by iverguin on Oct 27, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2011 by vito

I am currently evaluating the ADV7619 HDMI Rx chip using the Advantiv EVAL-ADV7619-7511 Video Evaluation Board.

All formats I tested passed excepted for 2K (2048x1080 active video  size, just like 1920x1080 but with 128 more active pixels in a line). This format is not described in CEA-861, but it is used for  cinema applications.
The format seems to be passed through properly to the output, but image  is very dark compared to what it should be (see pictures below).
The log from the serial port is showing the Rx is detecting properly the format:
APP: RX Video Stable = 1
-Rx: 14:898 Video is in Progressive mode
-Rx: 14:898 Video timing measurements (pixels) :
             HS Total Lines   = 2750
              HS Active Lines  = 2048
             HS Front Porch   = 639
              HS Sync Pulse    = 44
             HS Back Porch    = 19
              VS Total Lines   = 1125
             VS Active Lines  = 1080
              VS Front Porch   = 8
             VS Sync Pulse    = 8
              VS Back Porch    = 74
             Horizontal Freq. = 27000 Hz
              Vertical Freq.   = 24 Hz
             Estimated Vic    = 0
-Rx: 14:899 There is no corresponding VIC. DVI VIC is set to 0
-Tx: 14:933 #### Muted using: BLKOUT ASP (TMDS off delay passed)
-Tx: 15:306 #### Is now un-muted (Blackout delay passed)


Can someone help me to fix that? Thank you.


Original image:


Result after going through ADV7619-ADV7511 eval board: