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IIO Osc software can't find AD9361 IIO devices

Question asked by boshkey on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by boshkey

Dear fellows:


   I have trouble in using IIO software in connecting to the targeted board, the IIO Software to display the following info.

No IIO devices found

  but actually I have installed the linux driver of AD9361 transceiver. 


   I am using a customized zynq 7000-035 FPGA based soc along with AD9361 transceiver.

   With the help of the analog open source community, I have successfully built the HDL files and installed the AD9361 linux driver. The ternimal looks like this.

snapshoot of AD9361 linux drive installation

   The sysfs of the AD9361 is going well

   When I am trying to connect the target board with my IIO Software through network cable, It continue to show things like this.

   p.s. The network is working fine, the host can connect to the target board through ping command.

IIO can not connect to the target board

   Does anybody know how to make the IIO Osc Software functional, any information could be helpful.