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Help: ADV7180 Glitches ?

Question asked by muzza on Oct 26, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2011 by DaveD



When I look at the outputs of the ADV7180 I am getting glitches on the data output and the occasional glitch on the clock.


The attached logic analyser shots show this:-


PIC 2 is a closeup of the glitch next to DA on the data shown in PIC1.


PIC3 shows a glitch on the clock, but this doesn't occur as often as those on the data.


PIC4 shows that the glitches can be any value including FF, which is a real problem when it is only used for EAV and SAV !


This occurs when I inject a PAL 720x576i video into the device or let the device output a default blue screen with no signal.


How is this possible ? Any ideas what is happening ?