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(ADV748x)Does ADV7480 output field information from MIPI 4Lane?

Question asked by donadona999s on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by donadona999s

Hi !


I have a question about ADV748x.

Our customer want to input 480p to ADV748x using 8-bits TTL.


And 8-bits TTL includes Frame bit(Odd and Even information).

And our customer want to detect field information from MIPI 4Lane data because they want to know which field data is coming to SoC which is connected to ADV748x MIPI.

So my question is this.


When our customer use "8-bits TTL(480p)" to "MIPI-4Lane", would the "Field information" be handed over to MIPI data?


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