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ADV7619 output pixel format

Question asked by Peck on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

Dear Sir,


We need to interface the ADV7619 IC output with our CPU video input and need to know more information on the ADV7619 output pixel setting.


Our CPU support the following -

1) BT656 8/10/12bits with embedded sync codes including full data range support

2) 16-bits CCIR.601 video input with external sync signal


  1. With reference to ADV7619  datasheet, 720p is the highest resolution to support with double clock for BT656 8/10/12 bit output. Is it correct?
  2. Without double clock, would like to confirm if adv7619 is not possible to output BT656 8/10/12 bit SDR?
  3. For 16 bit 656 output, is ADV7619 possible to go all the data is going down one 16 bit channel with Y and CbCr interleaved but not Y is going down one 8 bit channel and CbCr interleaved is going down a second 8 bit channel?
  4. DDR mode is for supporting maximum 50MHz only in ADV7619 , would like to confirm is that mean DDR mode is for SD modes only?

Thank you.