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AD9364 CMOS mode interface buffers

Question asked by sudarshankr on Sep 4, 2017
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AD9364 interface across boards:

We are trying to interface the AD9364 chipset to an FPGA. Due to space constraints the AD9364 chipset is connected to the FPGA through an board to board connector. CMOS mode of interface is planned to be used between AD9364 and FPGA.

In the link provided below provided [ " Introduction to boards based on the AD9361/AD9364 [Analog Devices Wiki] "], it is mentioned that the CMOS drivers supported in AD93 series are weak Drivers. Please suggest if the AD9364 CMOS interface mode to be used to interface with an FPGA then what are the buffers suggested to be used for this ?


Snapshot from the ADI wiki site:


While the AD9361 digital interface supports both LVDS and CMOS mode, all the FMCOMMS boards have been verified in LVDS mode only. Configuring the digital interface in CMOS mode is not tested nor supported on these platforms. This is due to the purposefully weak CMOS drivers (To keep the noise off the part as much as possible) that are part of the digital interface and the large capacitance of the FMC connector.

If you configure any board to work in CMOS mode, and it does not, this is expected. If it does work, it just means the combination of AD9361 board, AD9361, connectors, carrier layout and FPGA are barely working.

CMOS mode is known to work on platforms without connectors between the AD936x and the Digital BaseBande device (like PicoZed SDR)."