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ADuM4160 minimum external air gap (clearence)

Question asked by AME on Sep 4, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by MSCantrell

Hello all,


I have a question related to the measurement of the minimum external #air gap. The datasheet says 8 mm (min.) (table 4, page 7). It is measured from the input to the output terminals. When I measure the distance in the drawing of the wide Body (RI-16-1) package, I come to a value of 7.46 mm (worst-case-scenario).

The 7.46 mm results from the following calculation:


Minimum #distance between pin edges: 10 mm (see attached screenshot)


Maximum length of flattened area of pin: 1.27 mm (see attached screenshot)


10 mm - 2x(1.27 mm) = 7.46 mm


Could you please explain how the 8 mm are measured.