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ADAU1446 clocks issue

Question asked by Harmin on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by DaveThib

Hi everyone.

I have a problem with my project, i'm using the ADAU1446 dsp. This is my configuration:

XTALI receives a clock of 24.576MHz from an active crystal

XTALO is so left disconnected.

CLKOUT is set to give a buffered copy of clock, and it works fine.

PLL divider is set to 4. If my fs is 96k, 96*256 is 24.576Mhz.

In sigmastudio, fs is set to 96k, the output0 is set to master 96k, i2s, tdm2, 24bit, wave.


The problem is: i expect to have an lrclk of 96k and a bclk of 6.144.... but i don't. I get about 160k of lrclk and 10Mhz of bclk. I think this might be the reason why my dac doesn't work. What you think could cause the problem?