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PIN input for ADUM4160

Question asked by patrick_stm on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by MSCantrell

Hi dear support team,


I am designing a board using ADUM4160, to insert a USB isolation on an existing previous design, and I need a confirmation about PIN input .

See attached pictures for clarification.

In the previous design, the MCU was controlling ENUM (USB_RENUM 3V3 signal) through a BC847B transistor.

In the new design, if I understand correctly, I can connect USB_RENUM output from MCU directly to ADUM4160 PIN input, for same effect, right?

Is the second schematic ok in the picture?

Should I add a pull-up resistor on PIN input, like on 4160 demo board? I guess no...


Thanks very much