Sigma Studio real time control not work when safeload

Discussion created by Usaghi2nd on Sep 1, 2017



It is just a report about Sigma Studio and only its inside, nothing related to MCU code to control the device.


When using component with slew functions and safeload in Sigma Studio Schematic, for example I tried Mono Switch Nx1 in Muxes/Demuxes > Multiplexers > Switch > Clickless HW Slew > 1 Ch > , this switch can not control in real time. In other words, when changing switch on GUI, audio signal doesn't change in real time on EVB.

When applying "Write" operation to corresponding data in parameter RAM showing in Capture window, the switch successfully change/switch the signaling route in real time audio on EVB.



This is observed in Sigma Studio 3.14 and later. I tried older 3.13 and 3.12 and I could not observe same, in other words, changes on GUI immediately applied to audio route in real time under these older versions.

I could also tried Single Volume under Volume Controls > Adjustable Gain > Clickless HW Slew >, it shows same behavior. Thus I think it might be problem of Slew RAM/Safeload Write function in GUI of version 3.14 and later.


Could you please confirm it is kind of small bug has to be fixed, and is not operational change in GUI ?


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