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RX Quadrature and DC offset calibration Varification

Question asked by Sandeep007 on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by Vinod

Dear Team,


We have AD9361 eval board FMCOMMS3 board and also we have our own board using AD9361.

When we boot the system, automatic RX quadrature calibration and DC offset calibration is done and respective calibration registers in the AD9361 are updated.



1. As TX calibration we can verify on spectrum by seeing LO leakage level and side bands level, How to verify that RX calibration is done proper or not ?


2. If we boot system again and again, each time new calibration values are updated in AD9361 Registers. In TX calibration values, there is not much difference. But in RX calibration register values, there we get huge difference reference to previous calibration values. Why in RX there is huge difference in calibration values each time we boot the system under same set-up ?


3. Any external precaution to be taken once booting the system during RX automatic quadrature and DC offset calibration ?





Thanks !