SigmaStudio Rev 3.15.2 Bug Report for SPI EEPROM Write Speed

Discussion created by DaveThib Employee on Aug 31, 2017

Hello EngineerZone community,


There is a bug that was introduced with SigmaStudio revision 3.15.2 released and beta versions. This bug was not on earlier revisions and will be fixed on the next revision.


The symptoms are that after writing the program to the EEPROM and then booting up from the EERPOM, the program takes a very long time to load! An average program was taking about 45 seconds to load. So what happens is that you reset the DSP and then it seems like the writing to the EEPROM failed because you do not see the program running. Not realizing you have to wait a very long time for the program to run!


As far as I know this is only seen with the ADAU1452/1451/1450 family of parts. It is only when using SPI for booting.


The program will ignore the Write Speed entry in the  EEPROM Properties page. The actual write speed will be around 6kHz!

There is a workaround. Most users set it to a 1MHz write speed. So you can manually edit the hex file and change the write speed. Then burn that into the EEPROM or just go directly into the EEPROM, if you can, and write in new values. If you try to directly write to the EEPROM you will have to hold the DSP in reset to tri-state the SPI master port.


Figure 39 in the datasheet, "Self boot EEPROM Header Format" shows the header and shows the last four bytes of the 16 byte header is the EEPROM write speed. What I found is that it was writing 0x00, 0x9D, 0x2F and 0x35.


Change these four bytes to: 0x01, 0xC2, 0x01, 0x01 and you will find it boots up much faster!


Add to this discussion if you found this issue with other  processors. The next released revision will have a fix for this problem.


Dave T