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Logic levels for AD6688 SINCINB+/SINCINB- inputs and FPGA Artix 7 outputs

Question asked by osipov-ae on Aug 31, 2017
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I have a question about logic levels for AD6688 SINCINB+/SINCINB- inputs and FPGA Artix 7 outputs.


SINCINB+/SINCINB- specifications:

DRVDD1 = 0.975V. Datasheet says that we can drive SINCINB using LVDS or CMOS.

But Artix 7 FPGA has next LVDS_25 specifications:

and LVCMOS18 specifications:

And I see that some LVDS_25 and LVCMOS18 specifications don't correspond to SINCINB+/SINCINB- specifications.

I can use DIFF_HSTL and DIFF_SSTL standards:

But I need additional VTT regulator to realize it:

Please correct me if I wrong.