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a project of the link port DMA communication, it can't work

Question asked by shedmaze on Oct 26, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2011 by shedmaze

hello, aces,


i have a EZ_KIT LITE TS201 board, this board have 2 ts201 DSPs on it

i am a beginner of the TS201 processor, and now i am programming a project to realize the  communication between the 2 dsps by link port DMA,

     i have a file named "souce.txt" in D disk, and i want to read it into DSPA's memory, and then send it to DSPB's memory, and then write the data into  another file named "destination.txt"

this is my mind, but the program can't work, please give me some help, and tell me what is the wrong with it??



can somebody help me?


thank you very much!