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Adv8005 DPLL setting

Question asked by Fermat on Aug 31, 2017
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I want to know when does the ADV8005 need to set DPLL,


Now, my VSP input is use manual or auto mode config (use VID), my VSP output always use auto mode, then TX is using HDMI mode.


It can output correctly even I don't config the DPLL(pvsp_vid_clk_period[33:0])  


I confirm the sample code, the HAL_PrimaryVSPDpllCfg() API is called only in HAL_ManPrimaryVSPInOutCfg", it is not called in HAL_PrimaryVSPInOutCfg().


What different ? 

VSP output use auto config to set VID, it doesn't need set it, if VSP outut use manual setting, it needs to set DPLL?