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regarding enable_agc pin in hdl design in no os software

Question asked by rahulram on Aug 30, 2017
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     I am using zc706 and fmcomms 4 board with no os driver for my design , i have been working on the fagc  for quite some time now, i just wanted to know hoe to control the enable_agc pin that is present on the card as well as connected to the gpio module in the hdl design which can be found in system.v file . From the the reference manual it can be understood that the user can manually control this pin in order to control the lock and unlock agc . i want to try something similar to this, so can anyone help me as to how i can use this pin in no os code as i cannot find any pins describing this in parameters.h or xparameters.h file and how do i send signal on this pin. pls help me with this,thanks