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ADV7612+ADV7511 Application Issue

Question asked by 涂玉山 on Aug 30, 2017
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One HDMI input synchronous Video controller signal chainHDMI(With HDCP) signal->>ADV7612->>FPGA+MCU->>ADV7511->>ADV7612……->>LED DisplayADV7612+ADV7511 serial to implement the large scale LED display)Figure1 shows.

  1.      Under Free Run mode/ disconnect input signal situation(One channel connect HDMI source and another ahannel set float status). the ADV7612's output port (HS/VS/SCLK)signal always has an unsteady level,  and this unsteady signal infulrnce the ADV7511's display output. Is there any way to control those ussteady signal ouput or completely to colse ADV7612's output?
  2.      Is there any internal interrupt/signal output  to identify the HDMI hot pug in/out of ADV7612 ? 
  3.      Is there any register optimizes configuration standuard process guide for actual application(For Figue 1 application example) ? 


 Two HDMI input synchronous Video controller signal chain:HDMI(With HDCP) signal*2->>ADV7612*1->>FPGA+MCU->>ADV7511*2->>ADV7612……->>LED DisplayADV7612+ADV7511*2  serial to implement the large scale LED display),Figure2 shows .

  1.      This project is mainly to implement two channels HDMI signal input and one of it as a backup channel. When use this solution to implement LED display infact, if one of channel disconnect or the HDMI wire cut by something, can the ADV7612 support  fast to change the another normal channel? And how to implement? we hope to implement it within 20 ms-1s. In fact, we use one MCU to check the rigester status of ADV7612 to indentify the input channel (Channel A/B) status, and then change to normal input channel to ADV7511, then to display. But it's too long delay(Up to 3s, we hope this relay can ben within 20 ms-1s). Is there any solution for this application? 

asynchronous Video controller signal chainHDMI(With HDCP) signal->>ADV7612->>FPGA+ARM->>ADV7511->>ADV7612……->>LED DisplayADV7612+ADV7511 serial togetjer to implement the  big scale LED display,use ong Android/Linux system)Figure3 shows.

1.Whe use ADV7612+ADV7511 control board to connect PC with HDMI wire. there's a situation that can't indentified by PC, but if we plug wire in again this situation be solved(We have advice customer to check the IO MAP register ). And waht's the reason arise it ?

2.Is there any Android/Linux standuard driver for ADV7612 and how to get it ?