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Phase reg updation and FSYNC-AD9833

Question asked by imtiyazfmn on Oct 26, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2011 by LiamR


I am using AD9833 ,i am frequently  updating output frequencies so for that ,should all times i need to follow all procedure mentioned below or can i  skip to update phase register every time after initialize 1st time as i don't need phase shift ?

Should i executed all steps below every time ?

Suggest if some of below that can i ignore.

1) Control word

2) Frq 0 regi-14 bit LSB

3) Frq 0 regi-14 bit

4) Phase0 regi

5) Release reset


Second is, can i hold FSYNC pin permanantly low by firmware once after it transit from high to low with its clock referance ?