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The issue about the ADV8005 received the CVBS signal

Question asked by epwujm on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by epwujm

My board used ADV7441A+ADV8005 to upscale the SD PAL or NTSC signal to HD, the ADV7441A support HDMI,YPbPr and CVBS inputs, the source is a 720x576-50i PAL signal. the results were OK when the input port were HDMI and YPbPr. but the picture is tearing under the CVBS input, like this:

the icon is tearing 


and then i passed through the data from  adv8005's TTL input to the TTL output directory,don't use the PVSP, the picture is OK. so i can't doubt the adv7441. the issue now focus on the ADV8005's PVSP module and the de-interlacing algorithm.


and how can i fix the issue? thanks!