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AD8293G80/AD8293G160 Overall Bandwidth

Question asked by mathew on Aug 29, 2017
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The datasheet for AD8293G160 shows how two 700Hz filters are used in conjunction to form a 500Hz bandwidth.


For my application, I will be sampling at 200Hz and a would like to filter out (most) frequencies above 67.7Hz. I plan to use the recommended 680pF capacitor between FILT and OUT (C2) to create a 700Hz primary filter and to use a 0.47uF capacitor on ADC OUT (C3) to create a 67.7Hz secondary filter (which will be used as an ADC anti-aliasing filter).


1) What is the overall bandwidth with a 700Hz primary filter and a 67.7Hz secondary filter?

2) Is this the recommended approach to achieve a cut-off frequency around 67.7Hz (for anti-aliasing)? Or would it be better to achieve the same overall bandwidth by reducing both the primary and secondary filters from 700Hz to e.g. 200Hz?


Many thanks in advance for any assistance.