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AD5242B1M crashed after power up

Question asked by muxingjun on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by koushik.kops

I want to use AD5242 as a digital varistor with single 5V power supply. 

so i connected Vdd and SHDN to 5V, I2C interface also pull up to 5V with 4.7K.

Vss DGND AD0 AD1 to ground.

but when i power on 5V, I2C communication fail by can't retrieve ACK from AD5242,

then i connect ground of USB-I2C adapter and ground of AD5242 together, communication succeed for just one time.

then power supply of 5V show over current protection(I limited power supply output current to 50mA).

after i checked the circuit without short circuit and repower on, the communication can't succeed anymore.

I've already burnt 2 chips, could anyone help on this? thanks in advance!

my simple connection as attachment(other pins are floating beside the connection)