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What is the best way to make a typical 10 band EQ

Question asked by PaulBKaraoke on Aug 29, 2017
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I made a 10 band stereo EQ with a medium size EQ peaking and grew the algorithm for 10 bands. I then download the filter values that I created from the filter table tool to set them to +/- 15db in 20 steps. when grown to 10 bands are the bands connected in series or parallel? if in series does it make a difference if the bands go from low to high. And, what should the Q factor be? all the same Q or different for each band (my Q's are set to 1.8 for all not sure where i got that number). Also, is it better for me to put 10 general 2nd order bandpass filters in parallel, each with a +/- 12b volume control and then merge them to make the EQ? that would be easier from a front end control to just send a volume control for each band instead of using a filter table. This may be just a matter of preference, but i would like to get an idea of which way is best and what type of filters to use. Thanks, PaulB

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