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SigmaStudio - MaxxBass licensed algorithm?

Question asked by Lukas_Jani on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by Lukas_Jani

Hello everyone, i would need some (lincensing) help with the mentioned plugin.

First of all, my audio setup:

- ADAU1701 based DSP

- 2.1 System, STA516B & TPA3116 based.

- 2-3l netto enclose volume for sub

- 60hz tuning with passive radiator, and a very high tuned second chamber, acting as a minor bandpass 6th order.


I've read a lot about the Waves' MaxxBass plugin, and came to the conclusion, it would fit perfectly in my setup.

i contacted Waves' about their plugin, asking for licensing and availablity-help. Since i'm a student from munich, working on my masters degree in electrical engineering, the whole product could be tagged as "student project". There is no commercial use or whatever behind it.

Waves gave permission the use the algorithm for free, as long as this is a private project, and recommend contacting ADI about the plugin, since ADI distributed/supported it. After writing to ADI, i got the recommendation to post here.


In the attached .txt is the whole conversation. 


So my question, is there anyone using the plugin at the moment? Or anyone from ADI, who could provide a source?

Are there similar plugins using the same technique?


Best regards,