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AD9361 FMCOMMS3 drivers for Petalinux 2017.2

Question asked by satcom on Aug 28, 2017
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We integrated AD9361 drivers with Petalinux 2016.2 and could get FMCOMMS3 work with ZCU706. We are now working on upgrading the development tools to Petalinux 2017.2 and we are encountering some errors while building and request you to kindly provide your inputs.


We downloaded ADI linux kernel “xcomm_zynq” from the link We configured the kernel as mentioned in the link and could see the device AD9361 in Device driver -> Industrial IO support->Analog to Digital converters tab. But when we build, we got the following errors:


ERROR: linux-xlnx-4.9-xilinx-v2017.2+git999-r0 do_kernel_version_sanity_check: Package Version (4.9-xilinx-v2017.2+git999) does not match of kernel being built (4.6). Please update the PV variable to match the kernel source.

ERROR: linux-xlnx-4.9-xilinx-v2017.2+git999-r0 do_kernel_version_sanity_check: Function failed: do_kernel_version_sanity_check (log file is located at /home/sat/Desktop/petalinux/memory_test/build/tmp/work/plnx_aarch64-xilinx-linux/linux-xlnx/4.9-xilinx-v2017.2+git999-r0/temp/log.do_kernel_version_sanity_check.24513)

ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /home/sat/Desktop/petalinux/memory_test/build/tmp/work/plnx_aarch64-xilinx-linux/linux-xlnx/4.9-xilinx-v2017.2+git999-r0/temp/log.do_kernel_version_sanity_check.24513

ERROR: Task (/home/sat/Desktop/petalinux/components/yocto/source/aarch64/layers/meta-xilinx/recipes-kernel/linux/ failed with exit code '1'


To maintain same kernel version, we downloaded ADI linux kernel version 4.9 i.e., “xcomm_zynq_4_9” and tried to configure and build the kernel. we got several errors as shown in error_log2.txt. Tried to define XILINX_DMA_IP_DMA and XILINX_DMA_IP_VDMA based on some earlier kernel version, but it resulted in even more errors.


Based on the errors and log files, could you please suggest a way of resolving them? In case any supporting information or screenshot is required, please let me know.


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