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ADXL344Z-DB - issues at sampling rates > 400Hz.

Question asked by csachs on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by NevadaMark

Hello there,

we have got some questions about the ADXL344Z-DB development board. Actually, we are using it for logging the acceleration to a micro SD card by using the sample datalogger_*.hex flash programs included in the software package. Everything is fine up to 400Hz.It does, what it is supposed to do.

Beside this, I found two issues:


When I am flashing the "datalogger_800Hz_2G_fullres.hex" or any other 800Hz flash example, it only creates a file DATA0000.txt and a header text entry "HR:MN:SC:    x:    y:    z:" on the sd-card but nothing else, no data at all.

I tried it with a different 2GB sd-card but with the same result.

Maybe the included sd-card is too slow for the 800Hz sampling mode? 

Could a software bug of the firmware be possible or is the microcontroller not capable to sample any data by 800Hz?



Another issue is the micro sd card. I can use only 2GB micro-sd-card, obviously no other size and no sdhc/sdxc type.

How could I change the software for using other sd-cards (bigger, faster)?


Thanks for any help!

Best regards