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How do we reset the phase accumulator on AD9910?

Question asked by wa2pyx on Oct 25, 2011
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Figure 27 of the AD9910 data sheet shows a signal "ACCUMULATOR RESET" which clears the DDS phase accumulator.  I have not been able to find how to invoke this signal.  does I/O_UPDATE reset the phase accumulator?  Does a profile switch do it?  In my application I'm using two AD9910's to make two related RF signals, using profiles.  I would like to "restart" them together so the signals are always in the same phase relationship to other system signals (of course this is can only be true at the reset time, after that they do whatever they are programmed to do).  but if I can invoke the ACCUMULATOR RESET, then each time the signals will evolve the same way from the reset time.