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ADuCM362 128kB flash variant -- differences to 256kB variant apart from the flash size?

Question asked by m.teichgraeber on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by barryzhang

Is there a difference, apart from the flash size, between the 256kB-flash variant and the 128kB variant?

Does the 128kB flash memory span from address 0 to 0x1FFFF? What about the "uppermost page of user memory" (p. 85 of the user manual), containing the write protection address -- is it located at the same position, or has it been moved, so that it starts at 0x1FFF0 now? I've got the impression that the hardware reference manual does not mention the 128kB variant explicitely.

BTW, is it possible for a program running inside the ADuCM362 to tell what the size of the flash memory is, apart from reading from an address in an upper memory region and probably provoking a bus error?