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AD9854 occasionally has no output when power up

Question asked by 问题2221 on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by 问题2221

There was a problem in the design of the product,which was on the chip。When I get on the power, the chip occasionally doesn't output frequency.There are 4 problem products in more than 100 products.

The input frequency is 10MHz,and  I used the simulation SPI protocol.

when problem appeared,I checked spi timing  normal,and reset pin was high.The chip was in a hot state,and the power consumption of the chip was 2W. 

I have the chip replacement for the defective product,and then it was ok so that i cannot Determine the problem.

I think there should be no problem with the chip,so I hope someone can give me some tests mothod or suggests.

The current speculation is welding 、chip diversity、Peripheral circuit parameters。